Melt Away Muscle Pain
Without Leaving Your Sofa

Sports and movement therapists agree that percussive massage is the key to long-lasting relief from aching muscles.
And now with Massage hero, you can free yourself from muscle pain anytime you want, and enjoy—

Increased range of movement: relaxed muscles mean you can bend, reach, and stretch higher and further (no more grunting to tie your shoes or pick your keys off the floor) Improved mood: a sore body makes anyone crabby, but now you can melt away built-up muscle tension and stress (in minutes!) Instant, pill-free pain relief: these massage techniques increase blood circulation and warm up your muscles, enabling better, pain-free movement Improved posture: have a desk job? Using this regularly can activate (engage) your muscles to prevent cramps and keep you strong and healthy Faster recovery: suffer from an injury or just finished a punishing workout? MassageHero helps you relax and unwind so you can get back to normal in half the time (or even less!) Get all this—without stepping outside your living room, or paying thousands for a professional massage!

Crick in your neck? Sore lower back? Aching shoulder? Tight hips and glutes? Unfortunately, many believe their muscle pain is unavoidable and is “just part of life.” But now, you no longer have to suffer from tight, sore muscles! Introducing Massage hero - a light, portable device that gives you the same kind of massage professional athletes and bodybuilders pay thousands of dollars for—for a fraction of the cost! Whether you're post-op, post-workout, or just tense all over, Massage hero can help relieve your muscle aches, improve your posture, increase your flexibility, and melt away minutes!

But Don’t Take Our Word For It!
Here’s What Our Customers Say:

Sarah C., Nebraska

Sarah C., Nebraska

“My partner cricked his shoulder during a workout a few months ago and it’s been aching ever since. But with the ball head, he stops feeling pain even after 1 minute of massage. It really helps! Thank you!”

Gary H., Florida

Gary H., Florida

“I always struggled to stretch after a long run. My quads would seize up and I’d feel tight the whole week after. Now, I use your massage device to help loosen my muscles while cooling off.”

Dan L., South Carolina

Dan L., South Carolina

“My wife’s got a desk job and she gets back pain all the time. But since we started using your device she hardly feels stiff or sore anymore.”

Melts away aches and pains

Releases stress and tension for pain-free movement all day, every day.
Ah, relief!

Helps improve recovery times

Percussive massage encourages your muscles to relax and regenerate for shorter recovery times

Naturally lifts your mood

With no more tension hiding deep in your muscles, you’ll feel brighter and more cheerful

No need for meds

Percussive massage “pauses” your brain’s pain signals, enabling you to relax and stretch. Giving you relief from muscle pains without taking medication.

No need for meds

Effective? You bet

Massage hero can help you escape your muscle aches and pains in as little as 2 minutes, 3 times a day.

Effective? You bet

Bye-bye stress

When our minds are tense, our bodies are tense too. By releasing deep muscle tension with Massage hero, your stress Will begin to disappear. All by itself.

Bye-bye stress

Wherever you want. Whenever you want.

Lightweight and portable, take your Massage hero with you to work, gym or anywhere you want. Fast, effective relief from aching muscles.

Wherever you want. Whenever you want.
Full price $399 $199 Now only You save: $200.00 (50% off)

Package includes

  • 1 x Massage hero massage device
  • 1 x Flat, circular massage head(for large areas of muscle)
  • 1 x U-shaped massage head(for spinal massage)
  • 1 x Ball-shaped massage head(for working out deep knots and tension)
  • 1 x Narrow massage head(for those "hard to reach" places)
  • 1 x Rechargeable battery
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x User manual
  • Free next-day deliveryFree delivery
  • World wideWorld wide shipping
  • Protect paymentsSSL-encrypted payment

Get Peace Of Mind With A 1-Year Full Replacement Warranty

“What’s covered by the 1-year full replacement warranty?”
With this extended warranty, we will ship you a brand new Massage hero FREE of charge, in the event of—

  • ✔ Accidental falls or drops: resulting in physical damage to the device or any of its parts including cracks and breaks, or that otherwise make it unfit for use
  • ✔ Performance issues: any issues relating to its ability to be used as intended including its motor, speed and strength settings, or any of its parts
  • ✔ Theft: if the device gets stolen
  • ✔ Manufacturer defects: (less than 1% of claims) if the device or any of its parts become unfit for use outside the 45-day money-back guarantee
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$49 $19
You save: $30.00 (61.23% off)
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