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The Fastest Way To Soothe
Your Aching, Sore, And
Tense Muscles

Without taking pills or paying thousands for massage therapy


Stiff neck?
Tight shoulders?
Cramped calves?

You’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from muscle pain every single day—and like you, most of them struggle to get some kind, any kind of relief without taking pain medication or forking out thousands for alternative therapies.

Introducing Massage Hero!

A revolutionary, personal massage device that helps soothe and relax your tight, cramped, sore, and aching muscles in minutes.

Immediate Relief

Massage hero helps “pause” your brain’s pain signals, for fast, effective relief without taking pills or using strong-smelling muscle creams.

No Pain, No Stress

A sore body makes anybody crabby. But Massage hero helps increase your “feel-good” hormones (endorphins), so even long-term, built-up stress simply moments!

Easy To Use

Lightweight, fully portable, and battery-free it’s so easy to get started. Just choose the type of massage you want, adjust for speed and strength and—ah! Relief!

Here’s what others are saying about Massage hero

“Ever since my husband cricked his neck, he’s been a real bear. But your massage gun does the trick! In just two minutes he’s relaxed and can move his head side to side without pain. Best of all, I’m thrilled he doesn’t need to take pain medication. I don’t know about you but the less pills, the better!”
- Jenny F., Boulder, Colorado

“My wife sits all day in her 9 to 5 and has had backache for years. She wasn’t too thrilled about the idea of a massage “gun” but she can switch the strength so it’s not too rough. Now she takes this to work with her and uses it to ease her lower back any time it starts hurting. She also got me to try it on my calves after a run...can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner. It’s amazing! It’s like having an on-call massage therapist in my own home.”
- Gary H., Miami, Florida

“I’m a personal trainer and my husband is a basketball coach. And we were probably spending around $800 a month on massage to keep us limber. Can’t teach if you’re doubled over in pain! But this massage gun is saving us hundreds every month and we can use it any time we want, without booking an appointment with a therapist. It’s pure genius!”
- Alicia S., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

An Ancient Treatment, In Your Own Home

For thousands of years, massage has been the key to long-lasting, pill-free relief from aching and sore muscles.

Not only that, but regular massage has been proven to:

  • Help increase range of movement
  • Help enhance muscle and athletic performance
  • Help reduce recovery time (post-workout and post-op)
  • Help vanish stress and lift your mood
  • Help improve blood circulation and promote a healthier immune system

Which is why thousands of Americans love their Massage hero!

Because now you too can get a tension-melting, health-boosting massage, anywhere, anytime, without spending thousands of dollars.

So whether you have constant back and neck ache from your desk job...stiff shoulders from a punishing crossfit workout...or tight glutes and calves from walking around all day, Massage hero will ease away your pains, and fast!

  • 1. Choose your attachment—your massage device comes with 4 different “heads” to choose from to help you target your neck, shoulders, spine, back, glutes, arms, and even hands and feet! (Each device comes with a full set of tips and instructions)
  • 2. Select the massage mode that suits you best—with three different speed and strength levels, you’ll find the combination that’s perfect for you
  • 3. Press the “On” button and feel your muscle aches disappear!—massage any area for 2-15 minutes, up to 3 times a day for maximum relief
  • 4. Simply recharge when finished—no need to worry about it “dying” on you or running out of batteries. Just plug it into any wall socket to recharge quickly

Start living pain-free (and pill-free) with Massage hero

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